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Logan Energy to date have installed over 140 Fuel Cell power plants exceeding 18 MW capacity at over 75 locations.

Customers include Department of Defence, various government agencies, fuel cell manufacturers, utilities, banks, universities, commercial developers and other business centres.

There are many applications that suit fuel cells. Some of the most common are:

  • Grid independent generators for on-site services in areas that are off grid or require reliable energy supply with grid backup.
  • Backup assurance for critical systems and ensuring a reliable power supply for industries such as telecommunications.
  • Substitute primary on site power to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Converting waste to energy by generating power and heat from digester gas produced by industries such as landfills, waste water treatment facilities, food processers, distilleries and breweries.

Our services.

Feasibility study to establish if fuel cells are viable for your requirements, if so then confirm which fuel cell technology is right for you and will deliver the highest efficiencies and carbon savings.

Design and integration our in house team can take the next step and provide detailed drawings and estimates for your consideration.

Finance in certain cases we can offer Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO), we are also happy to give guidance on securing local, national and EU incentives.

Installation: Complete turnkey package covering project design and engineering, construction & product training.

Maintenance complete operations and maintenance package, 24×7 system monitoring service.