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Bringing the future of clean energy to our world one solution at a time.

We offer a comprehensive service from project inception to delivery. Our fully integrated systems are designed, developed, manufactured, and installed by the in-house team. In addition, we have the capability to own and operate hydrogen-based solutions. We are manufacturer-independent and able to analyse and select any appropriate equipment based on our proven experience in delivering hydrogen energy and technology projects.

Our History

Meet The Team

Logan Energy has 25+ years of experience starting off in fuel cell systems and transitioning to hydrogen in that time. We are unique in this space as we have been involved in the hydrogen industry as it has developed through phases and we have gained extensive experience throughout.

Meet The Board

Ian Marchant Chairman Logan Energy.jpg

Ian Marchant

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Bob MacDonald non-executive director Logan Energy.jpg

Bob MacDonald

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Non-Executive Director

Derek Mathieson non-executive director Logan Energy.jpg

Derek Mathieson

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Non-Executive Director

Yuxuan Zhang Headshot.jpg

Yuxuan Zhang

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Director & Business Development China

Chris Davis Profile Pic.jpeg

Christopher Davis

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Non-Executive Director

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