The Logan Energy Group


H2Tec’s expertise enables a zero-emission future for power, heat and transport through the design and manufacture of integrated and efficient systems. We offer tailored solutions that provide on-site hydrogen generation and refuelling for vehicle fleets leading to an immediate reduction of carbon emissions and increase in air quality.

Renewable energy storage.

We can capture electrical energy from wind, solar, hydro and tidal sources by converting electricity into hydrogen gas through electrolysis of water. Energy stored in the form of hydrogen gas can be kept for unlimited periods of time and can be delivered straight to the market.

Generation of electricity and heat.

Fuel cells can be used for electricity generation both for stationary power (office buildings and homes, server farms, factories) and transport. The only emissions are water.

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Proton Power

At Proton Power we have a team ready to service your hydrogen equipment. Using our experience in ATEX environments, fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen storage we can support your business requirements.

Services include:

  • Operation of equipment worldwide

  • Installation of tubing and pipework for hydrogen service

  • Pressure testing of hydrogen equipment for PED

  • 24 hour maintenance support for equipment

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