H2Tec’s expertise enables a zero-emission future for power, heat and transport through the design and manufacture of integrated and efficient systems. We offer tailored solutions that provide on-site hydrogen generation and refuelling leading to an immediate reduction of carbon emissions and increase in air quality.


Fossil fuel emissions are contributing to climate change.

We need to decarbonise all aspects of our energy use: electricity, heat and transport.

The characteristics of hydrogen bring world changing solutions to aid the global transition to renewable and clean energy sources.

Renewable energy storage.

We can capture electrical energy from wind, solar, hydro and tidal sources by converting electricity into hydrogen gas through electrolysis of water. Energy stored in the form of hydrogen gas can be kept for unlimited periods of time and can be delivered straight to the market.

Generation of electricity and heat.

Fuel cells can be used for electricity generation both for stationary power (office buildings and homes, server farms, factories) and transport. The only emissions are water.

H2Tec’s expertise enables a zero-emission future for power, heat and transport through the design and manufacture of integrated and efficient systems.

We have practical experience throughout the whole hydrogen value chain from generating hydrogen through electrolysis, compressing hydrogen, storing and transporting bulk hydrogen safely, hydrogen refueling stations, and using hydrogen to provide power and heat.

Our modular systems are easily adapted to your requirements and result in quicker delivery times and reduced capital and operating costs.

We design, build and test our products at our facility in Wallyford, East Lothian, Scotland.


Hydrogen Refuelling

We have designed and manufactured a variety of hydrogen refuelling solutions, which are suitable for passenger & light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, ferries and trains.

Hydrogen Generation

We have experience in designing solutions and integrating a wide range of electrolyser technologies.

Hydrogen Compression

We design hydrogen compression solutions around your requirements. These can be integrated in to hydrogen generation, trailer filling, and hydrogen refuelling.

Hydrogen Storage

We offer integrated solutions for hydrogen storage, which are suitable for bulk on-site storage (PED) and hydrogen transportation (TPED).

Trailer Filling

We offer containerised solutions for the filling of hydrogen trailers.

Power Generation

Our integrated fuel cell solutions can be used for prime power, off-grid power, back-up power and more.

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