Project Description

The GENCOMM project (GENerating energy secure COMMunities through Smart Renewable Hydrogen) is aiming to provide a roadmap for communities to transition to renewable, hydrogen-based energy matrixes.

We won a competitive tender to supply a hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) for a vehicle trial at the IZES gGmbh research facility in Saarbrucken, Germany. This is a unique project for Logan Energy that combines two electrolyser technologies, a PEM electrolyser and an AEM electrolyser, for seasonal storage of a 35 kW solar PV array. 50kg of hydrogen is stored on site at a range of pressures between 950 bar and 30 bar in order to provide 6kg per day of hydrogen for one passenger vehicle.

Maintenance will be provided for 2 years for the complete refuelling installation.

Detailed Case Study

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