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Looking to convert your fleet to hydrogen-powered vehicles but worried about infrastructure? We can help.

25 Bus Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Logan Energy designed and supplied the largest capacity hydrogen refuelling station in Europe, facilitating the roll-out of one of the UK's biggest zero-emission bus orders.

220701 HRS in Workshop 08.jpg

Compresssion Trailer

A multi-functional trailer unit designed to be attached to a vehicle anywhere and at any time. It was manufactured in just 4 months!

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Northern Ireland Hydrogen project

Logan Energy are responsible for the hydrogen production, distribution, and refuelling process for the Belfast Bus Project in Northern Ireland after successfully securing three prestigious contract wins.

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This product is a remote dispensing unit that will take hydrogen from a compressor and pressurise it into a tube trailer. 


Edinburgh Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The Edinburgh Hydrogen Refuelling Station is the first public hydrogen refuelling station to open in the Scottish central belt and the only one between Aberdeen and Sheffield!

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SEAFUEL Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Station

Logan Energy were selected as the hydrogen technology partner for the €3.6 million EU funded SEAFUEL project. 

201112 Seafuel 1.jpg


We delivered a unique green hydrogen production and refuelling unit for a number of different vehicle types in Northwest England.

Vanguard Leaving 25.jpg

IZES Hydrogen Production and Refuelling 

Logan Energy deliver Europe’s first Hydrogen Refuelling Station using the MC Filling method, making vehicles powered by hydrogen cheaper to run.

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These are just a selection of projects we have worked on. If you would like to hear more please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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