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27 Jun 2022

苏格兰氢能公司 H2Tec 任命前石油和天然气工程师 Keigh Taylor 为董事总经理,这标志着该公司的扩张计划。

H2Tec builds and supplies modular hydrogen energy units including refuelling stations for commercial vehicle use including HGVs, buses, ships and trains. The company is a subsidiary of Logan Energy, based in Wallyford, East Lothian.

The company’s products are being used in transport refuelling projects across the UK and Europe as the use of hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel starts to take off.

H2Tec, with a current staff of 31, aims to triple in size in the next two to three years, with expansion forecast in Europe, Asia and America.

Keigh Taylor has worked as the Design manager at Logan Energy for the past four years, and has a background as a world-class engineer in oil and gas.

H2Tec says Keigh’s appointment will help the company respond to increasing demand for hydrogen-powered cars, vans, HGVs and trains, as well as renewable energy companies who see hydrogen as a storage solution.

Keigh said:

“My new role as MD of H2Tec is to grow the business and help supply the rapidly expanding hydrogen economy. We will achieve this by developing our product line, increase our standardised products range, and deliver quality to our customers. Our vision is to be the number one developer of hydrogen equipment, and to become a major employer in Scotland.”

“I’m excited about this new role, having seen the huge progress in the hydrogen industry over the last few years. The semi-mobile, containerised hydrogen generation and refuelling stations we make provide resilience and security for our customers. They easily connect to electricity and water supplies to generate hydrogen which can then be compressed, stored and dispensed as required.”

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy said:

“Keigh’s appointment sends a strong signal that our group is on track for serious growth. His experience in delivering customer-focused solutions is core to our expansion as we meet the growing demand from companies and public bodies looking to deploy hydrogen infrastructure to help meet climate commitments.”

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