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녹색 수소 전문가인 Logan Energy는 £1million 프로젝트를 통해 대기 질을 개선하는 과정에 있습니다.

14 Jul 2020

수소 기술 회사인 Logan Energy는 물을 운송 연료로 전환하는 독특한 녹색 수소 생산 및 연료 공급 장치를 제공하도록 선정되었습니다. 노스웨스트잉글랜드에서는 최초입니다.

Hydrogen technology firm, Logan Energy, has been selected to deliver a unique green hydrogen production and refuelling unit that turns water into transport fuel; the first of its kind in North West England.

Harnessing electricity produced from solar PV panels, the refuelling unit will use an electrolyser supplied by gas generation experts ErreDue UK, splitting water to produce green hydrogen fuel. The £1 million ‘Project Vanguard’, led by Cheshire East Council and Storengy UK, demonstrates the potential to turn water sources into clean, low-carbon energy in the greenest way possible.

The hydrogen fuel will be used by the council to support the rollout of two dual-fuel waste-disposal trucks which have been converted to run on hydrogen specifically for the project. Due to their frequent stop-and-go operation, diesel powered waste-disposal trucks have poor fuel economy and consequently high emissions. The hydrogen powered, ultra-low emission trucks are planned for use across Cheshire East where improving air quality is a key objective of the council. Storengy UK will also convert one of its fleet vehicles to dual fuel for use at its site.

Logan Energy was selected as the project’s hydrogen partner due to its strong track record in delivering hydrogen refuelling stations and integrated hydrogen technologies. The company has supported the development and deployment of zero emission technologies throughout the UK and Europe, notably in Northern Ireland where Logan Energy’s technology will be used to refuel hydrogen buses, and in Tenerife where it is producing hydrogen from seawater to power the local transport fleet.

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy, said: “The demand to switch to a low-carbon economy is greater than ever before. The Middlewich environmental hub will provide an opportunity to explore how innovative hydrogen technology can be used as an efficient and economic ultra-low emission solution for local authority vehicles. Its success could lead to a variety of vehicles being introduced into the fleet in the future.”

Jonathan Cox, ErreDue UK’s director and representative for Erredue SpA said: “Working with Logan Energy to support green hydrogen projects is a vital step in meeting net zero targets. Their expertise provides a great opportunity for ErreDue UK to integrate its own innovative technology and together, we’re helping to produce a safe, clean alternative fuel.”

Michael Gibson, Managing Director of Storengy UK, said: “We are proud to be delivering this innovative project for Cheshire East Council. We are one step further in demonstrating that hydrogen is a viable green fuel for transport and working with Logan Energy we are keen to support Cheshire East Council meet its ambitious carbon footprint and air quality objectives.”

The £1 million project received a £345,000 grant from the Warrington and Cheshire Local Enterprise Partnership, in addition to public and private sector funding. As well as the waste-disposal truck conversion, the money will deliver the green hydrogen fuelling facility in Middlewich.

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