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Logan Energy는 190만 파운드 규모의 아일랜드 운송 프로젝트의 수소 충전 파트너로 선정되었습니다.

29 Jan 2020

청정 에너지 솔루션 제공업체인 Logan Energy는 벨파스트에서 수소 연료 2층 버스 3대의 출시를 지원하기 위해 수소 충전소를 공급 및 유지 관리하도록 선정되었습니다.

The ‘Northern Ireland Hydrogen Transport’ project, which is being led by Energia Group and public transport partner, Translink, received £1.9 million of grant funding from the Hydrogen for Transport Programme (HTP) – an initiative launched by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which supports the development and deployment of zero emission road transport.

The Edinburgh-based firm has been contracted by consortium partner, Energia Group – Northern Ireland’s leading energy supplier – to design, deliver and maintain the hydrogen refuelling station for the project at Translink’s Milewater Service Centre in Belfast.

Logan Energy was selected as the project’s hydrogen partner due to its strong track record and experience in delivering hydrogen refuelling stations and integrated hydrogen technologies.

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy, said: “We are pleased to have been chosen as the hydrogen partner of choice for this significant project in Belfast.

“The refuelling station we intend to supply will be our largest capacity yet and will be the first one intended for the refuelling of double decker buses. Our role in this project will be extremely valuable in building on our already extensive experience of delivering hydrogen refuelling stations across the UK and Europe.”

He continued: “With the demand to switch to a low-carbon economy greater than ever before, this pilot project will provide an opportunity to further explore this innovative technology for bus travel as an efficient and economic zero emission solution, with potential for more vehicles to be introduced into the fleet in the future.”

The new fuel cell buses will be powered by renewable hydrogen produced through electrolysis on Energia’s Long Mountain Windfarm near Rasharkin in County Antrim.

Peter Baillie, Managing Director of Energia Renewables, said: “Energia is proud to be driving the transition to a lower carbon future with our hydrogen production project.

“When the wind energy our turbines produce exceeds demand, rather than curtailing the electricity, we will be producing green hydrogen. The pilot project on our wind farm is supported by the international consortium, GenComm, with funding from the EU’s Interreg programme.

“Together, we are keen to see the development of hydrogen infrastructure in Northern Ireland.”

The OLEV-run Hydrogen Transport Programme has awarded £23 million of funding to six projects across the UK to expand its refuelling network and increase fuelling station utilisation with new vehicles.

The primary objectives of the HTP are to increase the number of publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations and to grow the number of fuel cell powered electric vehicles on UK roads.

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