Logan Energy design, install, commission and maintain Integrated Energy Systems across the UK and Europe.

We know the benefits Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies can provide and share that with our clients.

The characteristics of hydrogen allows a wide range of utilisations, bringing world changing solutions to the global transition to renewable and clean energies. We have developed economic models that capture the evolution of hydrogen technology, (including electrolysis, storage and fuel cells), the cost and subsidies for wind and solar energy production and the cost of transporting and distributing hydrogen. These models allow the optimal sizing of hydrogen systems to maximise return on investment while maintaining the operation of the system to the strictest safety standards.

We offer a full turnkey service from project inception, design development, integration, manufacturing and installation, to operation and maintenance. This includes feasibility studies, detailed whole system design, off the shelf and bespoke equipment procurement, project management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Being manufacturer independent, we are able to analyse and select the most appropriate complementary equipment for the project. We have developed an extensive network of global suppliers that enable the delivery of fully compliant and cost optimised hydrogen systems.

Integrated Energy Systems

Integrated Energy Systems can generate, store, process or use hydrogen and electricity in a variety of ways depending on the application. A variety of different technologies and processes are required so that the whole system performs in a safe and efficient way – safety in the system is paramount. We have developed a modular approach to our design philosophy so we can easily and economically provide the correct technical solution. This modular approach facilitates installation, commissioning and future expansion.

Energy Centres

Fuel cells offer the highly efficient generation of combined power and heat (CHP) for commercial and domestic installations. Fuel cells can easily be scaled to meet requirements and, when powered by hydrogen, produce zero carbon emissions. The power supplied can be small, <5 kW, or can be used to power whole communities with supplies between 100 and 500 kW or even over 500 kW. To date we have installed, commissioned and maintain over 1MWe of fuel cells. We have experience with all commercial fuel cell technologies and can advise our clients when a project and technology are viable. The power supplied can be small, <5 kW, or can be used to power whole communities with supplies between 100 and 500 kW or even MW scale.

Energy Storage

Renewable energy storage, in the form of hydrogen, offers the opportunity to use wasted, constrained or dedicated renewable electricity generation. The electricity required to run the electrolyser that produces the hydrogen can be taken directly from renewable sources, and the hydrogen can then be stored easily ready to be used on-site, or it can be distributed directly to the market. We have a strong track record of electrolyser integration & installation in the UK & Europe. We have experience in installing a range of electrolyser sizes for hydrogen production, both stand-alone and integrated into a hydrogen refuelling station. Electrolysis to produce hydrogen can be powered by grid electricity or directly by renewable electricity, and fed with a local water supply.

Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Stations

The market of hydrogen powered vehicles, either using a fuel cell or direct combustion in a diesel/hydrogen dual fuel conversion, is growing and these vehicles need to be fuelled by a network of hydrogen refuelling stations. A hydrogen refuelling station can either be supplied by hydrogen produced through electrolysis on-site, or can be supplied by hydrogen produced off-site. The hydrogen can then be dispensed at a range of pressures, from 350 to 700 bar, depending on the vehicle fleet.

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