Harnessing the power of hydrogen
to provide clean energy solutions

Delivering integrated engineering solutions which incorporate hydrogen technologies including production, compression, refuelling, and fuel cells.

Logan Energy design, install, commission and maintain integrated energy systems across the UK and Europe. Our clients are forward thinking and understand the benefits fuel cells and hydrogen technologies can offer.

We offer a full turnkey service from project inception, design development, integration, manufacturing and installation, to operation and maintenance. This includes feasibility studies, detailed whole system design, off the shelf and bespoke equipment procurement, project management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

We now offer hydrogen refuelling at our Technology Centre just outside Edinburgh. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Integrated Energy Systems

Integrated Energy Systems can generate, store, process or use hydrogen and electricity in a variety of ways depending on the application.

Energy Centres

Fuel cells offer the highly efficient generation of combined power and heat (CHP) for commercial and domestic installations.

Energy Storage

Renewable energy storage, in the form of hydrogen, offers the opportunity to use wasted, constrained or dedicated renewable electricity generation.

Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Stations

A hydrogen refuelling station can either be supplied by hydrogen produced through electrolysis on-site, or can be supplied by hydrogen produced off-site.

Latest News

Pioneering industry collaboration accelerates hydrogen refuelling innovation for HGVs

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Logan Energy will work in partnership with Hy-Met Limited and WMG, University of Warwick to deliver the Hydrogen Prototype Equipment for Refuelling (HyPER) project. Together, the consortium will develop a next-generation hydrogen flowmeter for refuelling Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). These will be used for hydrogen refuelling systems, and will be…

Scottish hydrogen leader to supply one of Europe’s largest refuelling stations in Belfast

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Hydrogen technologies leader, Logan Energy, is to design and supply one of the largest capacity hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe, facilitating the roll-out of one of the UK’s biggest zero-emission bus orders in Belfast.


It's day one of the Hydrogen Technology Expo!🎉 Tomorrow our CEO, @billireland, will be there speaking on a panel discussion on 'Fuelling and Supplying Heavy-Duty Transport'💡 hydrogen-worldexpo.com/2021-c… #hydrogennow #hydrogentechnology #hydrogenfuel pic.twitter.com/BGldYF8qov

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